Friday, March 1, 2013

HBBH 3 ½ - Surprise Party!

Hey, we thought Punxsutawney Phil forecast an early spring! So why are so many of us still dealing with all that white fluffy stuff, and temperatures only meant for the inside of a refrigerator/freezer? As if this isn’t bad enough, what makes it even worse is the next major Holiday is still a long way off!

Then, here we are in the midst of waiting for the Reveal of
HBBH 3. What is a beady gal suppose to do with all this time on her hands, especially if it isn’t her birthday celebration time!

OH WAIT!  That’s it!

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It’s time to have a VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY PARTY via our extra special HBBH 3 ½ Blog Event!

Yes, we are at it again. Just like the "March Hare", the "White Rabbit",  and the "Mad Hatter" invited "Alice" to their party, we are inviting you to ours.

You’re asking how, you say?

Simple, sign up, using the form below (It's the form we mentioned we were working on to keep everyone's info in one place, so returnees, please use it too.)

We will assign partners, and you will be notified of their email, so you can contact one another and find out what month you each celebrate your birthday.

Then use this Monthly Birthstone chart to make a piece of Birthday Bling for each other.

Now don’t get crazy, the chart is for color reference only. You DO NOT have to use the actual gemstone, but what the heck. Let’s just say both of us celebrate in, what month did you say diamonds are the birthstone?

Signups will run from today to March 8, and finished items should be in the mail by March 25. The Reveal will be April 20.

See you at the party!  Wear your party hat, but cake and ice cream optional!

Signup Form Removed
Signups CLOSED

Look for an e-mail on March 10th !


  1. Oh this is going to be soo much fun..

  2. Weeeee! Tha sounds like a fun one!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful idea can't wait to take part!

  4. Looking forward to tomorrow... so I can find apporpiately coloured beads in my stash!

  5. oh darn.. there I was commenting away about birthstones! silly me, i missed it!