Friday, March 15, 2013

Holiday Bling Blog Hop 3 - The Reveal

Today is the DAY!

Time to celebrate all the great holidays of February and March. With the help of so many of our fantastic artist friends, and their equally talented partners, we are finally able to see what they have created for each other, and for us to enjoy. Please take the time to visit each one of them:

Alicia Marinache All the Pretty Things
Catherine King Catherine's Musings
Chris Schlicht Non-blogger HBBH Partners
Cynthia Machata Antiquity Travelers
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell Dee-Liteful Jewelry Creations
Gina Hockett Freestyle Elements
Jennifer Reno Musings of a Crafty Jenny
Laura Reed Non-blogger HBBH Partners
Leanne Loftus First Impression Design
Lennis Carrier Windbent
Lori Bowring Michaud Artfully Ornamental
Marti Conrad Marti C's Clay Blog < My partner
Mary Govaars MLH Jewelry Designs
Renetha Stanziano LamplightCrafts
Rita/ Toltec Jewels Jewel School Friends
Sandra McGriff Creative Chaos
Sarah Goode Pookledo
Sherri Stokey Knot Just Macrame
Sonya Stille Dreamin Of Beads
Tammie Everly TTE Designs
Therese Frank Therese's Treasures
Tiffany Goff Smith Southern Gals Designs
Marlene Cupo Amazing Designs
Shelley Graham Turner Fabric of My Life

OH BOY! Almost forgot, you know when we have a Reveal, there will shortly follow a prize result. Both for the creative gals in this hop, and one lucky commenter. So tell us what you like, and be in the running by posting below. Winners will be announced on March 20.


  1. Thanks for hosting such great Blog Hops!

  2. This was so fun and motivating for me...what a talnted bunch of swappers! Now I need to create a bog...yikes...happy swapping everyone - so glad for joining in on the fun! Thank you oar all your hard work Marlene & Shelley.

  3. what I like? you mean, what I like about you? well, you two know how to dance! :)

    1. May be able to dance, but think Shelley is better at it. She is ALWAYS on the move.

  4. So many pretty things exchanged and enjoyed. It is hard to pick one I like the most. The idea is a lovely one so many holidays to choose from all over the world. I love how this kind of thing brings people together in ways we never imagined possible.
    Asha ~The Blind Beader~

  5. Haven't hopped the whole nine yards yet, girls. Lots of awesomeness as usual!

  6. These blogs are such an inspiration! Helps us secluded artist to be connected! What a wonderful door to step through. Better than Alice falling into Wonderland!

  7. I love the spirit and the creativity of these blog hops that you guys host. I love the teamwork and the "I can! You can! Have fun!" atmosphere and the jovial and spirited banter that both of you bring to the creative table! I like everything about your blog and Holiday (and un-holiday) events that you present to us! Love!!!

    Gina H

  8. I feel much like Laura. We were the only two that didn't have a blog. Now I feel like I would like to start one. Thank you Marlene and Shelley for doing this and getting me hooked. Had great fun going to all the blogs and reading about everyone and seeing all the different pieces. So much insperiation and verity. I have already signed up for more. Making new friends all the time.

  9. I like margaritas. And beads. Preferably in that order :)

    1. Yes, Sherri we know all about your "Ritas", who knows maybe that will be the prize one day! LOL

  10. Now Emma has that song in my head "what I like about you" .... that will be there all day! good thing I like that song!! I was away this weekend, so still catching up on all the hopping! But you ladies sure know how to put on a good one :)

  11. I'm confused too. Are we suppose to pick a favorite? Or just tell you something in general we like? There's no way I can pick a favorite. Hmm...things I like, beads (of course), ice cream, Peeps, and general sillyness

    Seriously, this was such a fun hop and a challenge! Thanks to both of you for being such awesome individuals!! <3

    1. Jen, no need to pick a favorite. Like you would have a hard time doing that. Your reply was perfect.

  12. I like beads,blog hops, and the arrival of Spring!

  13. I like peeps, like Jen Ren. :) I also like cats, beads, making stuff, and watching CSI. ;)

    Everything you guys made is TOO cool!