Monday, January 14, 2013

HBBH 3, a New Year, a NEW CHALLENGE!

Holiday time. Everyone seems to immediately think of the season we just ended, but POOH, who wants to wait a whole 344 days to celebrate again? HMMMMM? We hear ya!

We looked at the calendar and realized there are fantastic holidays, from so many amazing cultures, to celebrate all year, so why not? Bet there's more than one crafter out there who enjoys making things related to holidays throughout the year, so LETS SHARE the fun.

Starting today we will be having sign ups for HBBH 3, through to January 27th. Partners (limited to a total of 30, so don't delay) will be picked and notified by February 1st.

You and your partner will decide what holiday you want to create for, BUT it has to be celebrated in the months of February and March (No making Halloween pumpkin earrings just yet!).

Some suggestions are:
     · Ground Hog Day - Feb 2
· Chinese New Year - Feb 10
· National Foundation Day (Japan) - Feb 11
· Mardi Gras thru Feb 12
· St Valentine's Day - Feb 14
· National Flag Day (Canada) - Feb 15
· Do a Grouch a Favor Day - Feb 16
· International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day - Feb 23
· Purim - Feb 23-24
· Saint David's Day (Wales, UK) - March 1
· Barbie's Birthday - March 9
· Commonwealth Day (UK) - March 11
· St. Patrick's Day - March 17
· Feast of St. Joseph (Italy) - March 18
· Big Bird's Birthday - March 20
· Greek Independence Day - March 25
· Start of Passover - March 25
· Easter - March 31
Feel free to use your own or choose from the above list, as We DID NOT make any of these up!

Finished items should be mailed to your partner by February 23rd, and the reveal will be on March 16th. No problems, right? Plenty of time to create, between shoveling piles of the snow, or at least blowing the leaves off the driveway.

To sign up please reply via email, to, with your name, mailing address, blog URL, and if you are willing to ship internationally, as in the past (Even you repeat offender attendees. We're trying to develop a data base for future use, hehehe). Don't forget to sign up for our email feed (on the sidebar), so you get all the latest news delivered right to your mail box.

Happy Ground Hog Day (and all the rest)!


  1. I really feel the need to point out that you forgot one very important holiday on your list... my birthday is in March ;)

    1. LOL - that's a good one, Sherri! We need to institute 'Birthday Day' swaps :)

    2. Me too! I share a birthday with Commonwealth Day ... whatever that means?

    3. hahaha - I guess mine would be on Greek Independence Day Eve LOL

  2. And mine is on Do A Grouch A Favor Day! Awesome!

    Gina Hockett

    1. Gina, LOL!!! That's funny !!! :) Having fun now -- you guys are all so fun :) lol, he he...

  3. LOL Sherri and Gina, How could we! Well you never know what the future holds. Hope you guys are on board with this one.