Friday, April 19, 2013

HBBH 3 ½ ~ Merry Unbithday Party ~ Reveal

It's Party Time!!!

Today is the day for us all to get our party hats on, break out the ice cream and cake and toot those party blowers!

From all the chatter on our Facebook page, sounds like everyone has had a great time sending and receiving their Unbirthday Gifts. So if you are like us, and jumping up and down wanting to see all the goodies, just start hopping to the links below.

Unfortunately all things must come to an end, even this party, but don't think you are going home without your "goodie bags." We know our party etiquette better than that.

So, even though you are home already, and in lieu of picking random prize winners this time, keep an eye on your mailbox for something special from us to each of you.


Your Hosts:
Marlene Cupo

Shelley Graham Turner

The Party Crew:
Ali McCarthy
Alicia Marinache
Anzia Parks
Audrey Belanger
Cheri Reed
Cheryl Dunham
Chris Eisenberg
Christine Schlicht
Cynthia Machata
D Lynne Bowland
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
Gina Hockett
Ginger Bishop
Gloria Allen
Janeen Burlingame
Joana Perez Stribel
Lori Schneider
Mary Govaars
Mischelle Fanucchi
Paula Gaskill
Renetha Stanziano
Robin Reed
Sherry Baun
Shirley Moore
Sierra Barrett
Susan Bowie
Susie Harris
Mowse Doyle
Cindy Muse

See you next HBBH, watch for details.


  1. Thank-you so much for organising this party Marlene & Shelley. I've had so much fun taking a look at everyone's blogs this afternoon. What pretty makes - your quirky party idea has been an inspiration to us all.

  2. Thank you Shelley and Marlene.. I had fun making Sierra's gift. I finally got through all the blogs with the exception of a couple and wow.. What talent!!!! I am in awe of everyone. Can not wait to see what is next :)

  3. Ooo love suprises! I had fun making my unbirthday gift for Audrey. Lynne

    and since I didn't get the list in case you don't have my email address

    fireball.beeds at

    1. D Lynne, not sure why you didn't get the list, we have your email correct, and it was sent the same day Shelley posted it to the MarShell Facebook page. Hope you enjoyed hopping today, and are enjoying your Unbirthday gift as well

  4. Thank you so much, Shelley and Marlene!! I love surprises and can't wait to see what arrives. I had a lot of fun, and am looking forward to the next one!!
    Gina H

  5. Oh, a surprise! Now you made all of us beyond curious :)
    Thanks for inviting me to the party - I had so much fun!! Still hopping :)

  6. Thanks girls, this was really fun, and I love my birthday gift!

  7. Thanks for the party. Can't wait for the next one.

  8. You two are just awesome! I really mean it. I thoroughly enjoy each swap I've done with you.

  9. I LOVE all your hops and swaps! Keep the parties coming! This swap and hop was fun!! Thank you for all you do in our beady community!!

  10. You ladies are so very sweet. Thanks for hosting for all us, sorry I was so late to the party.